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KidSafePlus® Background Checks

Are Your Kids Safe? No, Really Safe? KidSafePlus is the Most Comprehensive and Secure Background Check Solutions on the Market. Your Greatest Commodity is Our Greatest Concern - Watch Our Quick Video and Find Out Why So Many Organizations are Using KidSafePlus to Screen Their Coaches and Volunteers.  

Coach and Volunteer Background Checks

Your responsibility? To protect the children playing in your organization. Our responsibility? To ensure that.

There’s no such thing as being too careful, not when the statistics reveal a disturbing trend. According to the non-profit group Darkness2Light, nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under. Although 30-40% of victims are abused by a family member, 50% of those reporting abuse by someone outside of the family said it was by someone whom they know and trust. Also, nearly 70% of child sex offenders have
between 1 and 9 victims; at least 20% have 10 to 40 victims.

Yeah, we were floored, too.

We’ll help you automate, streamline and secure the youth sports coach and volunteer background check process, all in full compliance with Federal Reporting rules. Which, translates to protecting not only the kids, but also your sports organization and the privacy of your coaches and volunteers. 

KidSafePlus® features:



24/7 Online Registration

Any parent, coach, assistant, administrator or volunteer can log onto your website to securely and privately register for a background check.

The advantages of online coach and volunteer background check registration are numerous. Like...

  • Keeping it green: Eliminate scads of paperwork by using the online system.
  • Keeping it simple: The ability to have parents, coaches, volunteers and administrators log into the website to securely register for a background check. 
  • Keeping it easy for you: Easier Case Management - With the new "Wizard" interface, we take all the guess work out of managing your coach and volunteer background check process.
  • Keeping it easy for all: The ability to pay by credit card helps reduce the work associated with processing payments by checks and cash.
  • Keeping it real: Users are sent an e-mail with a permanent, electronic record of their transaction, with prompt results generated by a real-time system.
  • Keeping it fast: One fully intergrated Background Check System - All of the KidSafePlus information will reside in one registration system. 
  • Keeping it new: KidSafePlus status is automatically displayed on rosters, making it easy to know who has completed and cleared their background check and more importantly, who has not!
  • Keeping it simple: With continuous background checks, you no longer need to create a new background check session, year after year. 
  • Keeping it smart: When a coach or volunteer registered for a new session and their background check status has expired, they will be automatically promoted to register for a new background check.
  • Keeping it complete: Our NEW KidSafePlus pass kits allow you to create coach and volunteer badges. Now, everyone will know if you coaches and volunteers have completed and passed a background check.

Security & Protecting the Privacy of Your Information

So there is your private information that you just filled out on a paper form, with bank or credit card information, social security numbers, birth dates, and more, just sitting on somebody’s desk, waiting to be processed. Next thing you know, there’s a charge on your statement for a big screen TV purchased in Fresno, Calif. – and you live in Baltimore.

SportSignup is in the business of handling highly confidential information in the form of volunteer background checks and payment information. We take extreme measures to ensure that our secure content management system can only be accessed by authorized people.

FCRA Compliance

We’re in good with the Feds. SportSignup is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which mandates the proper processes and procedures for handling consumer disclosure and disputes. This helps to ensure that your coach and volunteer background screenings are being conducted under the strictest oversight of the law. 

We continue to help organizations with FCRA Compliance:

  • When a case is opened we provide easy ways to communicate with registrants and document actions taken on a case

  • Provide letter and email templates

  • Tools that can be used for disqualifying someone based on their background check

Quality Results

All Coach and Volunteer Background Checks ARE NOT ALIKE! With KidSafePlus, all results are re-verified by trained researchers (real people), for no additional charge. We protect with Social Security Number Verification. And, through the National Criminal File Search, a database of over 200 million criminal records compiled from numerous records - government watch lists, fugitive watch lists, sexual and violent offenders registries, state and county repositories, and state department of corrections. 

SportsSignup offers TWO quality background check options.

  1. Single Name Search - uses only single name matches found from a Social Security Number (SSN) Trace.

  2. Alias Search - uses all known aliases from a Social Security (SSN) Trace. The standard criminal database search is then done with this list of alias names, including maiden names if found. 


With custom and fully integrated Background Check System, all of the KidSafePlus information will reside in one registration system. This makes it easy for you, the KidSafePlus administrator to know who has completed and cleared their background check and more importantly, who has not!

Even better, our KidSafePlus system enables you to manage the process by quickly identifying who still needs a background check and generating an e-mail notice; displaying the names of people in the organization who have had criminal activity; and displaying and managing current open cases while noting any ongoing activity.

Affordable and Simple

When it comes to our kids, the old cliché is true: it’s about dollars and sense. SportsSignup charges a reasonable per-registrant fee. We don’t charge you for the system, we don’t charge you for the set-up and we don’t charge you for training. The system is easy to use and we’re happy to walk you through it. You may now give your administrators KidSafePlus privileges without sending SportsSignup any paperwork! 

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