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Our sport website templates were designed by sports administrators for the sole purpose of creating sports websites that fulfill the needs of any sports organization–big or small!

Full Sports League Websites for Sports Organizations with Content Management System (CMS)

With SportsSignup's online sports management system, you build sports league websites, for your sports organization, from our preset sports website templates.


Create Clean, Easy to Read Organization and Team Websites That Look Good! It has to look good. Just because you run a sports organization it doesn't mean your sports leagues website has to look amateur. With SportsSignups sports league websites, your sports administrators are provided with preset sports website templates which have been created by professional web designers–allowing you to place more time towards your sports organization's web content. Whether you're looking to link your online sports registration to your sports organization and sport league's website, or you need a stand-alone site, our sports websites fit all of your sports organizations.


Key Benefits & Features of Sport Team Websites

Create and Manage Your Own Web Content

Whether you're adding organizational wide announcements or a coach is updating game summaries, your sports league's website can be accessed and updated anywhere, anytime. Our content management service also allows you to create visually appealing websites for your sports league and sports teams that rival anything available on the market, all while creating a sport website that your parents, coaches and players can navigate with ease.

Our article editor is one of the most easy to use web editors available and makes updating your organization or sport team website easy for everyone. Update content, promote registration, upload attachments, create hyperlinks and much more!

Interactive Sport Team News Feed

If you have something to promote, our interactive news feed allows you to create informative organization and sport team content that will appear within a scrolling news feed, on your homepage–create a news title, upload an image, and give a brief description of what your news. Promote anything from player registration, camp and clinics, game results, upcoming sporting events, banquets and much more!

Team Website New Feed

Sports Scores and Standings

A great piece to your sports websites is the ability to post team standings in real time. As soon as a game is complete and game scores are entered in your sports website the home, results, schedule and standing pages will automatically be updated. 

Team Website Standings

This not only keeps your sports websites looking relevant and fresh, but also gives all of your members the ability to follow and tack their sports teams standings and record throughout the season. 

Automatic Sports Scheduling

Whenever you add or modify a team scheduled event the system will instantly update all of your sports websites to reflect the change. Parents and Players can view or download their own team calendars within their TeamWALL page, or they can subscribe via iCal so their personal calendars will always be up to date.

Our Automatic Game Scheduler has an AutoSchedule feature which instantly creates a complete schedule based on the information you supply or you can upload an excel file for more in-depth schedules.

Team and Player Stats are Updated Automatically

Your team and player stats will always be up to date on your organization and team websites. As soon as game statistics are entered for your sports teams and players the statistics and home page will automatically be updated.


Promote Online Sports Registration

No matter the season, you can promote online sports registration 24/7 on your organization and sports team website. Create custom online registration web banners that appear within your site or promote online player registration within your interactive news feed–it's your website! 

Register on Team Websites

Another great benefit to our sports websites is members have already created or registered for the sports season, coaches, parents and players have the ability to log into their online registration account via your sports website.

Managing Organization and Team Sponsorship

Easily integrate your organization and team sponsors within your team website pages and offer special sponsorship opportunities within your emails or invoices.

Create Team Photo Galleries

Display your organization and team pictures proud with great looking photo galleries.

Create Photo Galleries with Team Websites

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