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We were floored to learn that more than 65% of predators who have been identified as child sexual abusers were in positions of trust, such as coaches or clergy members. Isn’t that the last thing you want to worry about when registering your kid for youth sports? That’s why we’ve developed KidsSafePlus.®

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A simple flip of the switch on our end, and your organization is ready to go! Online integration with registration means coaches and volunteers can register and take their background check too—it’s an all-in-one process. Designated administrators can see an updated status for each person’s check on the online roster and provide KidSafePlus Badges to qualified volunteers—SportsSignup will even ship you your first KidSafePlus Badge kit for free! 



Since all background checks are not equal, we make sure ours are outstanding. All results are re-verified by trained, non-robot researchers. We offer both single name and alias search options to fit your needs. Using the National Criminal File Search database, our searches run through over 200 million records—from watch lists to sexual and violent offender registries.



As a trusted member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and with FCRA compliance, our background check system is under strict legal oversight and respects everyone’s privacy. Our case management wizard can guide you through any open case—easily communicate with registrants, document actions, and disqualify a registrant due to their check.



At $12 or $14 per check, help give parents peace of mind when they leave their child with your coaches. Our checks protect your players without taking a big piece of your pocketbook—and is a small price to pay to prevent any catastrophe at your facilities.
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